30 YEARS OF CEBU HOLDINGS: Inspiring, innovating and integrating the communities we serve

Sunday December 9, 2018

CEBU Holdings, Inc. (CHI) will start this month its yearlong celebration of a significant milestone, its 30th year of
developing integrated, master-planned, sustainable estates that catalyzed growth in Cebu.

Thirty years ago, CHI acquired from the Cebu Provincial Government a nearly 50-hectare golf course in Cebu
City. A partnership that followed soon made available for development the 24-hectare old Lahug airport. Combined,
the Cebu Park District now hosts the office spaces where more than 90,000 make a living; these have grown to become the economic and lifestyle center of Cebu.

One of this anniversary year’s highlights will be the realization of a merger between CHI and subsidiary, Cebu
Property Ventures and Development Corp., which will strengthen the constant effort to deliver the best value possible to the company’s stakeholders.

“Over time, you can develop many projects to complete an estate,” CHI Aniceto Bisnar, Jr. said. “We now have
different product lines, and our residential brands are complete from high-end to affordable condominiums and housing. As developers, we have the opportunity to bring everything on one platform of development. That’s the strength of Ayala Land: aside from our brand, our reputation, and the quality of the projects we do, we will always commit to deliver a high quality of development at a price that is affordable to a wide market.”

Inspired by the success of its flagship estates, Cebu Holdings and its parent company Ayala Land are excited to open in 2019 a new Ayala Mall in Cebu I.T. Park’s Central Bloc development. Another mall will also follow at Gatewalk Central, the 17.5-hectare estate that’s being developed in partnership with AboitizLand in Mandaue City. Progress on another new estate, Seagrove in Punta Engaño in Lapu-Lapu City, is on track under a partnership with Taft Property Ventures and Development Corp.

Both Gatewalk Central and Seagrove will highlight the collaborations that have proved so crucial to Cebu Holdings’ success in these last 30 years. These will also embody the sustainability at the core of CHI’s design and operations —its commitment to develop estates in a way that inspires people and companies to create greater value and live productively and well, while protecting the sense of place and identity that binds communities together.

Cebu Holdings celebrates its 30th year with a heightened excitement about the new concepts it is introducing in
other parts of Metro Cebu. Grateful for the chance to support Cebu’s business and tourism ambitions and to help build a better nation, Cebu Holdings promises to inspire, innovate, and integrate—as always— with a more inclusive
and sustainable future in mind.