Disclosure and Transparency

CHI follows a mature disclosure policy and procedure that are practical and aligned with best practices and regulatory expectations.

To ensure the adequacy and comprehensiveness of each disclosure, the Company adopts the following disclosure practices:

  • Release of financial statements 60 calendar days after the close of the financial year, along with a certification from the Board of Directors declaring the report to be fair and accurate.
  • The Company website to constantly be updated to provide information on the financial as well as non-financial results of CHI’s business operations;
  • Timely disclosure of every material fact or event that occurs, particularly on the acquisition or disposal of significant assets, will be provided to the public;
  • Investor concerns will be addressed by the Control and Analysis and Corporate Communications departments, whose names and contact details are made available to the public;
  • Policies governing Related Party Transactions will be disclosed; and
  • The fairness of the transaction price on the acquisition or disposal of assets will be evaluated by an independent party.

Stakeholders may also contact the Stakeholders Information Desk for assistance. Contact details are found on the inside back cover page of this report.

Interim reports are published within 45 days from end of reporting period. All disclosures are immediately posted on the Investor Relations section of our website and may be accessed through the following link: Disclosure Report.

Furthermore, CHI’s Manual on Corporate Governance is submitted to the SEC and PSE, and is regularly updated should there by any changes. All information about our corporate governance practices are found on this link: Manual of Corporate Governance.

To better communicate CHI’s programs and initiatives, the Company has further enhanced its website by presenting information in a manner that is more convenient for the public to read and access while being compliant with SEC’s prescribed website template. Corporate Governance and investor relations disclosures are also regularly updated online for easier access.


Transparent Ownership Structure

CHI regularly discloses the top 100 holders of its common shares, the security ownership of beneficial owners having more than five percent of the Company’s total outstanding stock, and the shareholdings of members of the Board of Directors and key management officers.

These are submitted to the SEC, PSE and Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corporation (PDEx), and made available to the general public regularly through postings on the Company’s Investor Relations website page, the PSE/SEC’s Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report, and the Definitive Information Statement sent to CHI’s shareholders.

CHI also discloses the percentage of foreign ownership in the Company on a monthly basis.

As of December 31, 2019, the total number of shares owned by the public amounted to 622,570,484 shares, equivalent to 28.87 percent of total outstanding shares.

CHI continues to strictly implement guidelines covering securities dealings to comply with government regulations.

Details of this report are found on: PSE BIR PUBLIC OWNERSHIP REPORT