Role of Stakeholders

We honor all our legal and voluntary commitments to stakeholder rights and provide all our key stakeholders with the opportunity to obtain effective and prompt redress whenever their rights are at risk or violated.

Furthermore, our sustainability framework, strategy, and policy ensure that the company’s growth is geared towards conscientious and inclusive development.



  • The company has a Customer First Policy that prioritizes added value in the delivery of products and services to continually satisfy the changing expectations of customers.

Local Communities

  • We strive to be socially responsible in all our dealings with our neighboring communities in the areas we operate. We ensure that our interactions serve our environment and stakeholders in a positive and progressive manner, fully supportive of comprehensive and balanced type of development.
  • We regularly engage representatives from our local communities to assess their needs, pursue possible areas of collaboration, and use shared resources for programs that benefit our larger community.

Suppliers and Contractors

  • The company implements standard procurement policies and procedures across its business units. Regular supplier accreditation and annual performance evaluation are observed.


  • Our employees are integral to our corporate governance processes. For instance, our Health, Safety and Welfare Policy keeps our people well-informed about CHI’s policies on hiring, employee engagement, training, health, safety, and welfare.


  • The company complies with all legal, consumer, and financial reporting requirements against corruption, including extortion and bribery.
  • The company is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. To this end, there has been no reported incident of any violation.


  • The company presents creditors with all the information required to evaluate our credit standing.