Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

CHI treats all shareholders equitably, and recognizes, protects, and facilitates the exercise of their rights through constant and open communication. Adequate protection is also given to minority shareholders against any unfair conduct on the part of the majority.

In terms of shares and voting rights, shareholders are entitled to one vote per common share of stock in the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. They may vote manually, electronically, or through a proxy. Results of the voting will be validated by the external auditor, SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV).

For the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, notices are mailed to shareholders at least 21 days prior to the scheduled date. This notice specifies the agenda and rationale for each item, and the profiles of directors seeking election or re-election. Auditors who seek appointment and reappointment are also clearly identified in the notice.

CHI exhibits a strict Insider Trading Policy, in which it prohibits insider trading in all its securities dealings. Anyone who has knowledge of material facts or changes in the affairs of the Company that have not been disclosed to the public is not allowed to buy or sell the Company’s securities during trading blackout periods.

Moreover, related party transactions or RPTs may only be conducted on an arm’s length basis. It must be in a manner that ensures fairness to the Company’s best interest, and no less favorable than those generally available to non-related parties under the same or similar circumstances. In cases of conflict, CHI abides by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2004 (RA 9825) to settle disputes without resorting to excessive litigation.

The Company’s Control and Analysis and Corporate Communications departments set up an avenue to receive feedback, complaints, and queries from shareholders.