Rights of Shareholders

Our shareholders are important to CHI and have rights that are to be respected and upheld.

First, they have the right to share in profits and dividends. It is a Company policy to declare a portion of its unrestricted retained earnings as dividends to shareholders, either in the form of stock or cash, or both.

Second, shareholders have a right to participate in decisions concerning fundamental corporate changes. Examples of these changes are amendments to the Company’s constitution, authorization for the issuance of additional shares of the Company, etc.

Third, shareholders have a right to participate effectively and vote in general shareholder meetings.

They have the right to nominate, elect, remove and replace directors, and vote on certain corporate acts in accordance with the Corporation Code. They are also free to ask any questions or to voice out concerns during meetings.

Lastly, they have a right to propose holding of special shareholders’ meetings. Shareholders are given the opportunity to initiate meetings and include agenda items ahead of time.