Whistleblowing Policy

We adopt a Whistleblowing Policy to encourage and empower all our employees, third-party business partners, and other stakeholders to report any suspected or known illegal or unethical activity.

This policy covers any of the following concerns:

  • conflicts of interest;
  • misconduct or policy violations;
  • theft, fraud or misappropriation;
  • falsification of documents;
  • financial reporting concerns, and
  • retaliation complaints.

Our business integrity channels are spearheaded by our company’s Ethics Committee. These channels enable our stakeholders to freely report fraud; violations of laws, rules and regulations; or misconduct without fear of retaliation. Our ultimate goal is to give all stakeholders every possible means to come forward so that they provide information directly to top management or the Board of Directors.

Our Online Whistleblowing Report allows reporting through the website, making it open and easily accessible to all stakeholders. These channels – website, face-to-face meetings, and email – enable our stakeholders to freely report fraud, violations of laws, rules and regulations, or misconduct, without fear of retaliation.

To view the Whistle Blowing Policy, please click on the link below:
Whistle Blowing Policy

Please click this link, if you have any of the following conditions to report:  Conflicts of Interests, Misconduct or Policy Violations, Theft, Fraud or Misappropriation, Falsification of Documents, Financial Reporting Concerns, and Retaliation Complaints:
Whistle Blowing Report

There were no grievances filed related to our environmental performance and labor practices in 2019.