Corporate Governance

The provision of an inclusive and enabling environment for all our stakeholders remains our company’s priority.

With this in mind, Cebu Holdings, Inc. (CHI) focuses on the continuous improvement of its corporate governance code to ensure that stakeholder rights are upheld while emulating the company’s core values in its operations. In addition, CHI adopts shared value strategies to further strengthen its relationships with stakeholders and at the same time create gains for the company and the communities we are involved with.

CHI adheres to a broad set of oversight controls to help pursue our objectives. Our company also continues to embed global sustainability frameworks in its operations to maximize returns while securing the business’ stability. CHI ensures full compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and adheres to a broad set of oversight controls to help pursue its objectives.


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Best Practices in Corporate Governance

The year 1994 marks CHI’s listing with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). As mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), CHI recognizes and abides by the principles of good corporate governance and complies with the Code of Corporate Governance which specifies the roles, duties, and responsibilities of our Board of Directors in line with Philippine laws.

Our Board and Management constantly aim for high governance standards and are held accountable for upholding ethical behavior at all times. Corporate governance is our primary system of stewardship and control that guides our Company in fulfilling its long-term economic, moral, legal, and social obligations.

We also adopt the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard and the requirements of the PSE/SEC Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report for assessing our performance and reporting on other matters related to governance.

This allows us to communicate our practices related to upholding shareholder rights, fostering equitable treatment of shareholders, promoting the role of stakeholders, advancing transparency in disclosure, and streamlining board responsibilities and processes.

In 2019, CHI was recognized by the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) in the Golden Arrow Awards. The Company received two arrows, having obtained a score wiithin the 90 to 99-point range.

Institutionalizing these principles and systems in our operations guarantees CHI’s long-term ability to create value for its shareholders, stakeholders, and the nation.


Sustainability Reporting

In the aspect of sustainability, the Company discloses all its nonfinancial information, with emphasis on the management of economic, environmental, social and governance (EESG) issues of CHI.