Sustainability Performance Highlights

2017 Sustainability Performance Highlights

2018 Sustainability Performance Hightlights

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CHI’s Value Creation

As a real estate company creating and enhancing integrated, masterplanned, and sustainable mixed-use developments, we ensure that we continue to create value for all our stakeholders and the society.

Our Capitals

In order for us to deliver value, we depend and draw from various capitals. We recognize that we may have negative impacts on these capitals. It is thus in our best interest to minimize and manage such negative effects, while enhancing the value of our capitals, through our value-creation processes.

These capitals are:

  • Natural capital – the environmental resources that we use and which all other capitals draw from;
  • Intellectual capital – our knowledge base and our brand;
  • Human capital – our employees, their skills, and competencies;
  • Social and relationship capital – our relationships with society and our stakeholders;
  • Manufactured capital – our man-made assets; and
  • Financial capital – the funds that we use to build and provide services.



Because of the outputs stemming from our business model, we contribute to an improved quality of life in society. By imputing investments with our focus areas in mind, we create sustainable and masterplanned estates. These attract investors and locators, both local and foreign, which impute new money into our economy. By locating in our developments, these businesses thrive through foot traffic, further giving the local community the opportunity to develop ancillary businesses – leading to an improved quality of life for all.


Our Key Activities, Risks and Outputs

Drawing from our capitals, we do three key activities to create value. These are (a) strategic land management, (b) leasing for malls and offices, and (c) investment and equity holdings.

Through strategic land management, we ensure that we have enough land to build on for the future. To ensure site resilience and reduce risks against disasters and other unforeseen site conditions, we have a strict due diligence process in place. We also build good relationships with private land owners and local government to ensure that we comply with regulations. Because of this, we have developed 143 hectares of masterplanned estates with 14 projects under construction.

We lease our malls and offices to key locators that enhance economic development and job creation of the localities where we are. We currently have 66 locators with 91,805 workforce. We employ several management systems to ensure product and service quality, and reduce security and safety risks that our stakeholders, especially our customers, are exposed to. We also engage our merchants, build and sustain good relationships with them to increase our ability to attract and retain them, and influence them on our values and sustainability principles and practices. As a result, we decreased electricity intensity by 10.95 percent and water intensity by 11.74 percent from our malls and offices.

As a holding company, we constantly engage with our operating companies and monitor their performance. Our operating companies have historically reflected strong investment portfolios year-on-year.

CBP Sustainability Performance
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