Sustainability Performance Highlights

2017 Sustainability Performance Highlights

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CHI utilized the following capitals during our 2018 operations:


  • 167 hectares of land
  • 89,531 GJ total energy consumed
  • 361,687 m³ total water consumed


  • 14,986 employees & outsourced personnel


  • 155.9 hectares of developed estate


  • P12M spent on technical consultants & other professionals


  • P60.2B capital expenditure for CHI and ALI projects in Cebu

Social and Relationship

  • 17 LGUs & 2 civil society orgs engaged



CHI’s operations and business activities follow an expanding cycle of land acquisition, collaboration, development and transformation, and innovation. We acquire land, nurture partnerships, develop and transform land into high-value estates, build and lease out retail and office spaces, sell commercial and residential lots, and begin the cycle anew by expanding our land holdings to enrich more areas. The cycle expands through disruptions and innovations that lead to the discovery of fresh business models and new income streams.



Over the past five years, Cebu Business Park and Cebu I.T. Park charted continuously increasing occupancy trends. Even at a 30 percent premium versus other locations, average vacancy rates in CBP and CITP are only at around 1.7 percent. This vacancy rate is also significantly lower than the 11 percent vacancy rate in other developments in Cebu. All these point to the continued high demand for the kind of office and retail spaces that CHI creates and provides.

The GDP per capita of Central Visayas has grown from P69,218 in 2009 to P134,288 in 2017 according to the PSA. In addition, various economic outlook researches predict Cebu’s outsourcing workforce rising by 5 percent to 10 percent yearly over the next three years. The growing middle class, as well as the growing count of the young professional demographic ages 25-35, also point to heightened economic activity in Metro Cebu over the next years. These all create positive market outlook scenarios not only for CBP and CITP but more so for CHI’s upcoming estates in Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu.

The continued improvement and expansion of the Mactan Cebu International Airport, the growing number of direct international flights to Cebu and the lower travel costs, the complementary improvement of Metro Cebu’s road network, and the booming medical tourism industry all point to a steady increase in tourist arrivals and ease of traffic movement in Metro Cebu and the entire province.




  • P 33 M worth of contribution as community investment
  • CONTINUOUS ENGAGEMENT on sustainability-related projects with communities including barangays Luz, Mabolo, Carreta, Apas, Hippodromo, and Kamputhaw


  • P 56.8 M annual employee remuneration
  • 46 hrs average training hours


  • 134,686 sqm of quality spaces (GLA)
  • 96% occupancy rate
  • 450 filipino-owned businesses out of 650

Brokers & Suppliers

  • 994 suppliers actively engaged with CHI and its subsidiaries