Sustainability Performance Highlights

Sustainability Performance Highlights

In 2020, the world had a decade left to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that the United Nations had adopted in 2015. In the earliest days of the new decade, it seemed that while achieving the goals in 2030 would be a challenge, the conditions on which commitments to these goals were anchored were still in place.

Global economic growth remained possible, and the global connections that made cooperation and trade happen could still be depended upon.

More than ever, achieving these 17 SDGs and their 169 associated targets cannot be left entirely to the world’s governments, which have more urgent and localized stresses to address. Everyone must play a part so that decent work and economic growth, reduced inequality, and climate action become real conditions for more people.

As a builder of transformed and transformational communities, Cebu Holdings Inc. (CHI) remains firmly committed to contributing to the targeted goals that are within its competencies and resources.



  • Infrastructure enhancements which provide better services to customers and communities.
  • 46,737 workers in two operational estates
  • Provided master-planned, mixed-use developments that promote resilience, inclusion, and eco-efficiency.



  • Zero Plastics to Landfill Challenge
  • A total of 34.3 kgs of plastic laminates and clear plastics were diverted and recycled to produce eco-bricks.
  • Collected a total of 829 kgs of PET bottles for the River “Trip Trap System.” This was done in support of the rehabilitation of the Mahiga River.
  • Collected 70 cubic meters of silt, which can help to ease the fl ooding during the rainy season
  • CBP and CITP effl uent quality: Beyond Compliance
  • 2,676 kgs of glass bottles were used as components in paver



  • Volunteers spent a total of 430 hours to pack 1,940 Educare Kits provided by Ayala Foundation for the entire Visayas.
  • Provided assistance to CHI’s front liners, who were housed inside for safety during ECQ.
  • Provision of access to CHI Plus, wherein employees learned new skills and attended webinars to maintain connection and avoid burnout.
  • E-learnings, community involvements, employee engagements, and wellness were provided to the employees and workers



  • Combined allocation of over 11,000 sqm. Of space intended for the native tree nursery
  • Preservation of native trees in Seagrove estate
  • Raised awareness on ecosystems services and protection
  • Vegetable gardening Harvested 72 kgs of various vegetables and fruits in Cebu IT Park
  • Composting site at Upland Greens 16 tons of yard waste for compost production



  • 46,737 jobs generated
  • Women in board and senior leadership
  • Number of male and female employees



Strong partnerships were built with the local market and communities

  • The local market sold fresh produce and seafood items to the unit owners, residents, BPO workforce, and stayin personnel during the enhanced community quarantine in Cebu.
  • Assisted the Ayala Foundation with LGU coordination for its #BuyAnihan Project



The national economy contracted by 9.5 percent in 2020, the sharpest drop in 70 years.

Travel bans and quarantine restrictions, especially in April and May, severely hit the services sector, which accounted in recent years for more than 60 percent of the Central Visayas economy.

Foreign arrivals in the Mactan Cebu International Airport dropped from 1.68 million in 2019 to 289,115 in 2020. That 82.7 percent decline (practically the same as the national figure) directly hit tourism and retail.

For 2021, Colliers Philippines is projecting an 18 percent vacancy in Metro Cebu’s offi ce spaces. It expects, however, that rates in key business districts like Cebu IT Park will recover fastest.

When the vaccine rollout allows confidence to pick up, the safety and sustainability measures we’ve adopted in the Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park will keep them in high demand.

Prudence has compelled CHI to pace the development of Seagrove in Lapu-Lapu City and Gatewalk Central in Mandaue City in 2020. Yet we continued to develop South Coast City in Cebu City’s South Road Properties, where we broke ground in January 2020. There will be plenty of room to grow when this pandemic abates.




We continue to emphasize sanitation protocols, preparedness, and property management as part of our commitment to the well-being of all our tenants and customers. High customer satisfaction feedback on how we sustained COVID-19 precautions within our office buildings reinforced an already strong relationship with our tenants.

We pivoted as quickly as possible so that services to our retail, office, and residential customers would proceed smoothly, yet safely. Responding to the changing needs of our stakeholders remains a crucial part of the trust that keeps our relationships strong.



While we paced the work on our Gatewalk Central and Seagrove estates as part of fiscal prudence, land development on South Coast City in the South Road Properties continued all throughout 2020. The decision to develop this block will serve the needs of committed buyers.

When it is feasible to do so, work on Gatewalk in Mandaue and Seagrove in Lapu-Lapu City will be ramped up. Your company’s commitment to create these new growth districts will support Cebu’s efforts to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic. It will help disperse opportunities to more areas of the province.

CHI is in a good position to capitalize on opportunities as the market starts picking up. We have various projects in the pipeline, and we’re innovating in our current estates so that we keep abreast of the changes in our communities’ priorities, habits, and needs.



Moving forward to a better normal will require that we continue to use all of our resources prudently.

The merger between CHI and our parent company Ayala Land, as well as other affiliates and subsidiaries, will create operational synergies and allow for more efficient funds management. This consolidation is one of the ways we will adapt as an organization to better position ourselves for the many opportunities that have emerged.


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