Waste Management

Managing our Waste, Collaborating for Shared Value


Proper waste management is crucial to our environmental performance. It has the potential to affect our water supply, air quality, and contribute to our greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to the proper handling of
our wastes and advocate to reduce, reuse and recycle where applicable.

We have tapped our neighboring communities for increased awareness and support on this issue and have arrived at a long term, deeply-rooted, mutually-beneficial solution.

Waste Management

Our Generated Waste

In 2014, total waste generated from CHI-owned properties was at 14,790 tons, 24 percent below the registered total of 19,381 tons in the previous year. This covers all compostable, recyclables and residuals collected from the Company’s properties and activities

As part of our social value initiatives, a neighboring community is our accredited collector. They received previous and ongoing seminars on proper waste management and handling. Once the sorting process has been properly done, recyclables are sold and residual wastes are delivered to the city landfill.

ACC-Corporate Center, currently under construction, generates the bulk of the waste produced with 10,808 tons in 2013 and 5,521 tons in 2014. This is followed by Ayala Center Cebu and the two business parks. Our other properties contributed at smaller scales.

Busted bulbs are tracked as hazardous waste across all properties. In 2014, 261 kilograms of bulbs were sent for on-site storage, a 131-percent increase from the 113 kilograms collected and reported the year before.


   Solid Waste Management Program Highlights

CHI continued with its strong solid waste management partnership with Brgy. Luz in 2014. A total collection of 3,437,523 kilos of biodegradables, recyclables and residuals by the community was made in 2014, up 31 percent from the 2,631,641 kilos accounted in 2013.

The recyclables collected generated an income of P2,949,363.06 for the community workers of Brgy. Luz in 2014.