Cebu Holdings, Inc. is a leading full-line property developer in Cebu City, Philippines engaged in real estate development, sale of residential and office condominium units, sports club shares, and lease of commercial spaces.


Who We Are

Cebu Holdings, Inc. (CHI) is a leading full-line property developer in Cebu City, Philippines engaged in real estate development, sale of residential and office condominium units, sports club shares, and lease of commercial spaces.

CHI is a listed company with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) since 1994. The company was registered with the SEC on December 9, 1988, with an authorized capitalization of P1.0 billion. As of December 31, 2015, the company’s authorized capital stock is at P3.0 billion.

For 28 years, our business has allowed us to transform 77 hectares of land into integrated, masterplanned and mixed-use eco-zones and business parks; launch 4,386 residential and condo units; and lease 133,274 square meters of retail and 105,104 square meters of office spaces.

Residential Subdivision and Condo Sales

Ayala Land Premier

  • Amara
  • 1016 Residences
  • Park Point Residences
  • The Alcoves


  • Solinea Towers 1, 2 and 3
  • Sedona Parc


  • Avida Towers 1 and 2


  • Amaia Steps

Office Condominium Sales

  • BPI Cebu Corporate Center (via affiliate Solinea, Inc.)

Office Space Leasing

  • eBloc Towers 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Ayala Center Cebu Tower
  • Tech Tower (under construction)
  • Central Bloc (under construction)


  • City Sports Club Cebu
  • Cebu City Marriott Hotel (via affiliate Cebu Insular Hotel Co., Inc.)
  • Seda Hotel at Central Bloc(under construction)

Estate Development and Management

  • Cebu Business Park
  • Cebu I.T. Park
  • Gatewalk Central
  • Mactan Development
  • SRP Development

Retail Space Leasing

  • Ayala Center Cebu
  • The Walk
  • eBloc Towers Retail
  • Garden Bloc
  • Central Bloc


Company History

In 1988, the provincial government of Cebu offered to sell via public bidding a 44.6 hectare piece of prime land previously leased to Club Filipino. The proceeds from the auction would be used as a counterpart funding by the provincial government for infrastructure and development projects. The floor price for the property was pegged at P220 million or approximately P493 per square meter.

A consortium of investors consisting of Ayala Land, Inc., Bank of the Philippine Islands, Kuok Philippines Properties, Inc., A. Soriano Corporation and the Philippine Long Term Equity Fund submitted the highest bid of P551 million or approximately P1,235 per square meter for the property.

Soon after winning the bid, Cebu Holdings, Inc. (CHI) was formed to act as the holding company of the consortium. On December 9, 1988, CHI was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with the primary purpose of engaging in the real estate business.

In 1990, CHI increased its total land holdings to approximately 50 hectares with the acquisition of a 5-hectare property adjacent to the Club Filipino property.

Pursuant to project management agreement dated January 10, 1989, CHI appointed Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) as project manager for the development of the property of CHI in Cebu City of approximately 50 hectares, for a fee based on certain percentage of gross proceeds or revenues derived from the sale or lease of any portion of the developed property. The agreement provides that Ayala Land, Inc. shall undertake, among other things, the necessary functions and activities to develop the property into a multi-use complex consisting of office areas, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels and high density residential areas.

In its development of the Cebu Business Park, the Company transformed raw land into a masterplanned fully-integrated community by constructing roads and facilities required for the installation of water, drainage, sewerage, telecommunications and power systems. Certain areas in Cebu Business Park are reserved as open spaces for parks and common uses. In addition, the Company imposes certain restrictions on the construction of buildings on office lots it sells to ensure that the general character and value that it seeks to create for the property’s development are maintained.

The Company was listed in the Manila and Makati Stock Exchanges on February 14, 1994. The offering made available to the public 222.2 million shares of CHI stock.

In July 1995, after the terms and conditions of the tender offer were submitted for ratification of the stockholders, CHI acquired 76.26 percent of the outstanding shares of stock of Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation (CPVDC) for cash (P1.90 for every CPVDC share) and an exchange of the Company’s shares of stock (one CHI share for every 1.69 CPVDC shares) pursuant to the tender offer. About 51.5 percent of the tendered CPVDC shares was paid in cash. This was financed through a P700M long-term loan. A total of 201,957,581 shares were issued by the Company to CPVDC stockholders who opted for the share tender.

The tender offer enabled CHI to intensify its development efforts in Cebu while availing itself of CPVDC’s prime land resources. With the developments mentioned above, the Company’s ownership structure has also undergone changes. At present, CHI’s ownership profile include shares of Ayala Land, Inc., PCD Nominee Corp. and the public.


Ownership Structure

CHI is a company engaged in real property ownership, development, marketing and management.

The company was registered with the SEC on December 9, 1988, with an authorized capitalization of P1.0 billion. As of December 31, 2016, its authorized capital stock is at P3.0 billion.

Mission and Vision Statement

We shall be the premier real estate company in the region, creating and enhancing integrated, masterplanned, and sustainable mixed-use developments through a customer-focused and empowered team of professionals.

We ensure the trust and confidence of our stakeholders with sustainable growth while improving the quality of life of the communities we serve with passion and integrity.

Core Values

• Focus on Customer
• Bias for Results
• Entrepreneurial Drive
• Teamwork
• Concern for People
• Empowerment of People
• Pursuit of Excellence
• Love of God
• Responsibility to the Community
• Enhancement of Quality of Life


Group Corporate Structure

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Company’s Organizational Chart


Membership in Associations

Business and Management

Ayala Business Club Cebu, Inc.
Cebu Business Park and Cebu I.T. Park Neighboring Barangays Alliance
Cebu Business Park Association, Inc.
Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association, Inc.
Geoplan Cebu Foundation, Inc.
International Council of Shopping Centers
Management Association of the Philippines
Philippine Quality and Productivity Movement – Visayas
Philippine Retailers Association
Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Financial Executives Institute of Cebu, Inc.

Sustainability Reporting

Global Reporting Initiative GOLD Community

Environmental and Ecosystems Conservation

Philippine Business for the Environment
Cebu Uniting for Sustainable Water Foundation


2016 Awards and Recognition

Urban Land Institute (ULI) Philippines Healthy Places Awards 2016

The Garden Bloc at Cebu I.T. Park was chosen as one of the finalists in the mixed-use development category of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Philippines Healthy Places Awards 2016. ULI is a global non-profit organization that seeks to promote the responsible use of land and to create thriving communities. The special awards given for the first time in the Philippines recognize outstanding and innovative projects that promote healthy living through exceptional design strategies.

2016 Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Bell Awards

CHI was recognized as one of the top ten finalists in the 2016 Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Bell Awards, out of the 300 publicly-listed companies at the Philippine Stock Exchange. In the same awards, CHI subsidiary, Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation (CPVDC), was recognized as among the top five “best of the best in corporate governance” in the Philippines. CPVDC is the only Cebu-based company among the top companies recognized for exemplifying excellence in corporate governance.


Joint Message from the Chairman and the President

Dear fellow stockholders, 
The year 2016 was marked with steady growth and the active build-up of assets for your company to reach the goals it has set out to achieve in the next few years.

As we strengthen our brand and grow the company for our shareholders, we strive to enhance the areas where we operate to help prime more investment destinations outside Metro Manila.

When Cebu Holdings, Inc. (CHI) started 28 years ago, we had the vision to maximize the potential of the Queen City of the South. Cebu, then was already a regional hub south of Metro Manila, had so much more to offer in terms of global business and tourism.

Today, our two flagship estates – Cebu Business Park and subsidiary Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corp’s. (CPVDC’s) Cebu I.T. Park – have become the preferred investment and lifestyle destinations in the city. Seeing this unparalleled growth has encouraged us to invest more to push Cebu’s growth trajectory even higher.

Last year, parent company, Ayala Land, the country’s most trusted brand in the property sector, increased its stake in CHI, to 66.87 percent. This demonstrates its continued confidence in CHI and in the growth of the Cebu market.

With Cebu becoming an even more prime investment destination – placing 7th on Tholons ranking of top outsourcing destinations globally, we are consciously holding on to commercial lots within our prime estates. These will later be used to build up our office and retail portfolio for a steady increase in your company’s recurring income in the coming years.

We completed the construction of Ayala Center Cebu Tower, a 31,113 square meter ‘Grade A’ office building. Strategically located on top of the mall and across the transport terminal, this is now home to the company’s new headquarters. The fourth of the eBloc Tower series was also completed last year, adding another 15,154 square meters of BPO office space at Cebu I.T. Park.

Also at Cebu IT Park, construction is in full swing for the 2.2-hectare superblock – Central Bloc. This stacked development located right at the heart of the IT hub will have a 500-store Ayala mall, two office buildings and a Seda hotel. Its central location will be a convenient convergence point for the growing IT Park population.

Beside the Central Bloc is the Garden Bloc, which we introduced in December 2015. It is an innovative new concept which made use of open spaces to promote pedestrianization and outdoor activities. With its smaller cuts of leasable space and less costly operations of outdoor dining, the concept provides opportunities for small and start-up local entrepreneurs. Despite being in operation for less than a year, the Garden Bloc has displayed how the community appreciates proximity to natural spaces, especially when complemented by a variety of interesting and interactive components. It was recognized as a finalist in the mixed- use development category of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Philippines Healthy Places Awards 2016.

In terms of property development, we deliberately calibrated launches in 2016 to prioritize selling products in our current inventory. This was a prudent approach to ensure a healthy balance between our current supply of products and the overall market demand.

As Cebu continues to grow, we also looked for opportunities to spread development outside the city center. In addition to Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park, we have landbank for three new estates.

In June of 2016, we launched Gatewalk Central—a partnership with Ayala Land and AboitizLand, Inc. Located in Subangdaku, Mandaue, this 17-hectare development is envisioned to be a dynamic new city center with an Ayala mall and residential and office buildings. These components will be seamlessly anchored on the development’s main feature—a 30-meter wide pedestrian- only street which runs through the entire estate.

Masterplanning is also underway for a 14-hectare property in Mactan, Cebu which is in partnership with Taft Property Venture Development Corporation, while plans have been completed for our portion in the 26-hectare South Road Properties (SRP) project in partnership with SM Prime Holdings.

Completion of current construction projects in the next five years, will bring up our leasing inventory to 288,743 square meters of retail space, and 215,340 square meters of office space. Residential and office units for sale, in partnership with other Ayala Land subsidiaries, will total over 7,800 units.

As we build, we also continue to innovate in designing our products so that they not only lessen impacts to the environment, but also become more operationally efficient in the long-term.

We are improving our developments by incorporating more resource-efficient technology, such as LED lighting, variable speed drives?and rainwater catchments. We have also improved pedestrian mobility and the transit connectivity of our estates with more covered walkways, bike racks, speed calming devices, and the launch of a new bus service.

As climate change becomes a growing concern, we have increased efforts to enhance the site resilience of our properties by improving our disaster readiness with periodic drills, as well as the introduction of natural control barriers that reduce run off and prevent soil erosion at our estates.

With the country’s renewed focus on Visayas and Mindanao under the current administration, we are confident that there will be increased investments in the southern region for infrastructure growth to complement the scale of development we have planned.

One of the major infastructure projects in Cebu is a new bridge connecting the south of Cebu, through the South Road Properties, to Cordova in Mactan. This is expected to lessen the travel time to?the international airport and will hopefully decongest traffic build-up within the city center. This also strategically connects the two areas where we have made new investments.

At the core of how we do business are guiding principles that promote integrity, transparency and good governance. A testament to our best practices is CHI having been recognized as one of the top ten finalists in the 2016 Philippine Stock Exchange Bell Awards.

With our deliberate development strategies to ensure long-term growth and the governance structure we have in place, we closed the year with P2.7 billion in revenues and P679.7 million in net income.

Moving forward, we will continue to build?our portfolio and look for new opportunities to expand the business. This will ensure the sustained growth of CHI as we help prime the cities where we operate for an even brighter future.

We would like to thank our employees for another year of teamwork and dedication to their jobs, this has helped the company perform successfully year after year.

To our fellow members of the Board, and stockholders, thank you for your trust in the vision and strategy of the company. Your continued support empowers us to strive even harder towards the goals we have set in the next few years and beyond.


Where We Operate

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2016 Sustainability Performance Highlights

Like our engineers and architects who worked meticulously to bring life to layers upon layers of blueprints, so did the entire Cebu Holdings team spend 2016, carefully planning and working to animate CHI’s masterplan for tomorrow’s generations. In this report, we retrace the major steps we took to realize our vision for Cebu as a model of sustainable urban development.

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